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I work with companies to drive meaningful results – more users, more revenue, and more leads. I primarily focus on, and provide the most value, with strategy projects, but I can support more tactical projects end to end when needed.

What's a Good Fit?

I can provide the most value when you have internal teams that can support the execution of the strategies we develop together to move your brand forward. I tend to provide the most value as a “contract head of SEO” (or growth or marketing). I work well integrating with teams internally, and partnering together on projects that will improve traffic and revenue. 

As I have extensive experience leading SEO and growth teams in-house (SingleCare and Houzz most recently), I understand what it takes to get projects done. I focus more on substance than presentation and prefer to get projects into production rather than hand over decks and audits.

I’m a good fit if you want help:

  • Developing strategies and roadmaps to drive growth
  • Defining project requirements for SEO and growth projects
  • Building and refining processes to support SEO and growth
  • Leveling up your team (I like to build up teams and give them knowledge, not just pass off a checklist of projects)
  • Understanding the market and your TAM in Google
I’m not a good fit if you are looking for a partner to:
  • Churn out a lot of content
  • Build links
  • Want a lot of pretty decks for meetings
  • Create a really big audit doc that no one wants to read
If you think I might be a good fit for your team, reach out, I’d love to connect. If I’m not a good fit, I can probably point you in the right direction.

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