Some background on me and how I help companies

Hi, I’m Geoff Kenyon. I’ve been doing SEO and online marketing since 2008. In the past decade I’ve had experience growing brands and startups to increase their traffic and revenue in both consulting and in-house roles.

Currently, I’m SVP Growth & SEO at SingleCare. Previously, I led SEO and content marketing for Houzz. I occasionally do consulting; I can add the most value helping with:

  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Analytics
  • Product driven growth
  • Hiring / building teams

You’re more likely to be a good fit if you have a team dedicated to growth – or want to build one.

I have extensive direct to consumer experience with eCommerce companies, SAAS brands, and manufacturers. While I have experience in most verticals from my years in consulting, I have particular depth in healthcare, ecommerce, auto, marketplaces, and location based platforms.

Geoff Kenyon

Sustainable Growth Strategy

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