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SEO Due Diligence Services

Whether you are investing millions in a website or looking to buy a site for five figures, understand the SEO liabilities and organic growth opportunities is critical to understanding your investment and negotiating the deal.

SEO due diligence is an extremely important part of the process for investment and M&A. At the heart, SEO due diligence has 3 core components: 

1. Understanding if a company has any risks that could jeopardize the existing organic traffic and revenue

2. Whether there are any significant untapped opportunities

3. What the competitive landscape looks like and how hard SEO growth will be

An objective review of liabilities and opportunities can help identify a good investment and bring value to the negotiating table.

SEO Liabilities

Has this business been riding the Google algorithm roller coaster? How likely are they to get hit by the next algorithm update? I can help answer those questions.

Future SEO Growth

Has this business maxed out most of their SEO growth or are they at the tip of the iceberg? Are competitors encroaching on their SEO market share? I can dive in and provide clarity around what opportunities lay ahead and what the competitive landscape looks like.

I’ve worked with brands like:

“Geoff gets the big picture and is great at building content that creates real value – generating SEO traffic, revenue, and connecting with users.”
– Luz, Director Content Marketing

Projects & Pricing

I’m flexible in the approach to each project as every business has different needs and objectives. Each deal is different and I can tailor the SEO due diligence to the needs of the specific business. Project length and pricing depend on the size and complexity of the site.

Typical length: 2 – 8 weeks

Pricing: Smaller projects start at $10k. Larger projects start at $25k



I helped a automotive consumer goods brand create a resource center to help attract people researching their products as well as assist existing users in understanding how to purchase the correct product for their needs. THis content now drives 2/3 of their SEO traffic and is worth over $500k per month.


Content Marketing Strategy


Content Creation

Image & Asset Creation

Health & Beauty

I partnered with an ecommerce site in the beauty and health space to create a content strategy to help drive top and middle funnel traffic to their site. This content now generates half of their SEO traffic and has an equivalent cost of $1MM.


Content Marketing Strategy

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