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I help create and execute on strategies to drive meaningful growth to your business. My focus is on growing traffic, conversion, and user acquisition. I don’t do short term focused “growth hacking” but leverage digital channels and creative strategies to push your brand forward with sustainable growth strategies. 

I have experience leading growth for high growth companies.

There are 4 main levers I use for driving high impact growth: 

  • Growing traffic
  • Increasing conversions
  • Reducing churn (improving LTV)
  • Improving the product

The levers above ladder up to the methods on the right, but are ultimately about knowing your user. 


Knowing your user is both quantitative (analytics) and qualitative (feedback, interviews, etc). Both are important to a wholistic growth strategy. 


Programmatic SEO

Driving organic acquisition with scalable SEO that built on the “product” 

Content Marketing

Driving SEO traffic from users at different stages of the funnel


Growing users and revenue with paid search, display & paid social

Conversion & Churn

Growing conversion rates and decreasing churn with data and testing

Analytics & Testing

Understanding user behavior and optimizing it

“Geoff gets the big picture and is great at building content that creates real value – generating SEO traffic, revenue, and connecting with users.”
– Luz, Director Content Marketing

Projects & Pricing

I work primarily with established brands and funded startups who are committed to growing revenue and users through online marketing. I’m flexible in the approach to each project as every business has different needs and objectives.

On-going Projects

Typical ongoing projects tend to be providing long term support and strategy to in-house content teams or a combined content strategy and execution project.

Typical Length: 6 – 12 months

Pricing: $5k/month and up depending on scope

One Off Projects

Typical One off projects are research based strategies and roadmaps that are handed off to in-house teams to execute. Projects typically include check ins and follow ups.

Typical Length: 4 – 8 weeks

Pricing: $5k and up depending on scope


I helped an automotive consumer goods brand create a resource center to help attract people researching their products as well as assist existing users in understanding how to purchase the correct product for their needs. This content now drives 2/3 of their SEO traffic and is worth over $500k per month.


Content Marketing Strategy


Content Creation

Image & Asset Creation

Health & Beauty

I partnered with an ecommerce site in the beauty and health space to create a content strategy to help drive top and middle funnel traffic to their site. This content now generates half of their SEO traffic and has an equivalent cost of $1MM.


Content Marketing Strategy

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