Keyword Research
Topic Clustering

Keyword Research +
Topic Clustering

Need a hand doing keyword research, topic clustering and prioritization for your content marketing efforts?

I can help you efficiently and accurately group thousands of keywords into topics which should be targeted with new content on your site.

Whether you are looking to jumpstart your content marketing efforts to drive more SEO traffic, or you’re setting the course for your content marketing program, your basis is research:

  • What keywords do you want to rank for?
  • How do these keywords align into topics?
  • Which pieces of content should you create first to drive the most traffic?



Understanding Words,
Driving SEO

I use semantic understanding of keywords to cluster keywords into topics at scale, creating an actionable list of content to produce.

“Geoff’s keyword clustering is incredibly cost efficient. He uses machine learning and NLP to quickly categorize into “content groupings”. It was easy to filter by opportunity and prioritize content based on ROI. Would highly recommend.”
– Andy Chadwick, SEO Consultant


The manual topic clustering process is painfully slow. Typical software based approach typically utilizes n-grams or other methods which mis-group synonyms and semantically related words.

My method leverages natural language understand to group semantically related keywords into topics quickly and accurately. I can group thousands of keywords into semantically related groups within days not weeks.

The Process


  1. Get a list of keywords from a deep dive on specific topics or from competitors
  2. Clean up the list of keywords to remove duplicates and low value keywords
  3. Cluster semantically related keywords together
  4. Estimate traffic growth opportunity


You’ll get a spreadsheet containing:

  • Topics & associated keywords
  • Search volume associated with each topic & keyword
  • Estimated traffic opportunity based off a custom click through rate curve

I’ll also provide:

  • A document with guidelines to turn these topics into articles
  • An article brief template that you can use to help create optimized content


Pricing is based on the number of keywords that you need clustered.


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